Beauty Really is in the Eye of the Beholder

In a day and age where everything is reliant on looks, beauty has become a high priority for most. Everything is advertised using the most beautiful people, so much so that human vanity has taken over. It is human nature to feel that if you can look as beautiful as those on the advertisements, you have to reach the success that they have. While there are many lotions and potions on offer these days and many medical procedures that assist with making you look younger or more appealing, these are often long drawn out processes, or in the case of medical procedures, quite painful and expensive.

Beauty spells

Today’s world is fast moving and there isn’t time to waste on anything. If you want the top classed job opportunity you need to be on point now, not in a month or two months’ time. If you want that gorgeous, successful bachelor on your arm, you need to appeal to him now, not next year. You need results now.

As modern and advanced as the human race has become, it seems to be teetering on the brink of returning the way of the ancient where magic and spells were once the answer to everything. Beauty spells are becoming more and more used on a daily basis and by people in all walks of life and levels in society.

You would be surprised who uses these kinds of avenues to get to where they want to go. Perhaps it is a case of mind over matter, but if it works don’t knock it. This may be the boost that your confidence really needs to set you on the path to flying high.

Not too long ago I had an interview which I had to attend. I really wanted the job but I knew I was up against such stiff competition – a lot of ladies who were half may age and obviously still sporting that youthful glow. I knew I was the best person for the job, but would the interviewers be able to look past my not so youthful appearance? Yes, I am a young at heart, free spirit but in this day and age I knew that I would have to really work hard to win the powers that be over. I didn’t have time to wait for lotions and potions to do the trick – I had to take drastic measures.

Beauty spells are not something I ever though I would try, but this was a desperate time and desperate measures were required. This is one risk I will never regret taking. I aced that interview, outshone all those younger, more youthful applicants and have gone on to perform a sterling job. My journey up the corporate ladder has been a smooth and rewarding one.

Life is full of risks and sometimes closing your eyes and just taking a leap into the unknown can be the best thing you ever did.